Welcome to the Linguistics Program!

Language is one of the basic elements of our humanity, as it is involved in nearly every aspect of our life. Linguistics concerns itself with discovering the universal principles of human language and applying these principles to provide systematic descriptions of individual languages. As a student in the Linguistics program, you'll investigate sound and word patterns, sentence structure, language usage and change, the acquisition of first and second languages, as well as the relationship between language and the mind, and language and society.

Linguistics is a relatively small program and the small class size gives students the opportunity to get to know their peers and to build scholarly relationships with classmates and professors.

You will develop a solid undergraduate liberal arts education by using theoretical analyses of cross-linguistic data to develop analytical skills, critical thinking, argumentation and expository writing. We lay the groundwork for graduate studies and provide the linguistics background necessary for studies in related areas such as speech-language pathology, communication sciences and education.

The Linguistics program also offers courses that support undergraduates in a variety of other programs, such as Cognitive Science, Psychology, English, Law and Society and the TESOL Certificate.