Linguistics and Education

Why is linguistics recommended for teachers?

Primary/Junior Levels

It is very clear that language is the central component in primary education. During grades 1, 2 and 3, children are busy learning the skills of reading, spelling, writing, accurate listening and precise speaking. These skills are but different manifestations of one and the same thing -the system known as language. It is language which relates and integrates these diverse skills in the human brain.

Secondary Level

An understanding of the essential characteristics of language will permit the teacher to provide a program for the student which combines the subject area material with a program that develops language skills. To be effective all teachers must be language teachers to some degree or another.

Taking a linguistics course will not provide you with a methodology for teaching spelling, reading or history. It will give you a better understanding of how language works as a social and intellectual medium which in turn will provide many new perspectives on teaching and the world.

Any of the following courses will be of use to the classroom teacher. For students interested in special education AS/LING1000 6.0 is especially recommended.

Recommended Courses for Education Students

AP/LING 1000 6.0 Introduction to Linguistics
AP/LING 2060 6.0 English Grammar
AP/LING 2400 3.0 Language in its Social Context
AP/LING 2410 3.0 Language and Gender
AP/LING 2420 3.0 Language and Culture
AP/LING 2430 3.0 Language, Power and Persuasion
AP/LING 2450 3.0 Language and the Law
AP/LING 3220 3.0 Psycholinguistics
AP/LING 3240 3.0 Second Language Acquisition